Writing a philosophy paper

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These are sensations, passions, and emotions. In this respect, philosophy is more like a science than the other humanities. Clear sentences do not just happen.

Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper

Some professors distribute assignment guidelines while others simply describe the assignment in class. Do not explain things that you do not plan to argue against in your paper unless they are absolutely necessary for understanding your point. Make it clear what the problem is, and why it is a problem.

Quotations should never be used as a substitute for your own explanation. Use simple, straightforward prose. Philosophy papers require skillful argument and rational thought, which takes time to develop. Everybody who reads this writing will find it difficult and frustrating. Try to anticipate objections to your view and respond to them.

Your topic is no joke. Offer counter-examples to the thesis.

How to Write a Philosophy Paper

That is why it is important to use your introduction wisely. There is nothing wrong with defending a qualified conclusion, such as. Before you start to write your paper, you should be able to state exactly what it is that you are trying to show. Explain how you think these objections can be countered or overcome. Simon Fraser University Good writing is the product of proper training, much practice, and hard work. If you jump about in your essay, the reader will balk.

Look up new words before you used them. Read your paper out loud.