Homework is pointless

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Many schools have a one-hour rule, but with multiple classes and each teacher assigning one hour of homework, you end up with hours of work to do at home. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Sitemap View Desktop Version. HOMEWORK SPOILS OUR SOCIAL LIVES. Sometimes we have things to do that is more important.

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Take, for example, this letter from a teacher that recently made its way around the internet. Homework allows students to practice the skills they learn during school. Take math for example. I am just in elementary and it drives me crazy! Family ski deals, events for February break. Well I am one! How RSV Changed the Way I Parent.

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Should school based after school activities sports, art, music etc stop? Homework allows children to work at their own pace, without peer pressure. With the distinct possibility that Ryan Mathews is on the outs, it may soon be hard to see much resemblance between the current backfield and the one that was seemingly overburdened with Pro Bowl runners after the Eagles acquired Mathews, DeMarco Murray... Who in the White House knew that the national security adviser had misled Mike Pence, and when?