Short courses in social work

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Read more about studying Social Work Take a Free Personality Test! They will then undertake independent research and develop a short training programme to meet these needs. Students will analyse the political and policy context of contemporary social work and social care practice, enhance their understanding of organisational structures and change management and have opportunities to develop their project management, leadership and management competencies.

Free Diploma in Social Work Studies | ALISON

This module critically examines adult safeguarding in relation to adults at risk whose independence and wellbeing is likely to be compromised through the abusive and harmful actions of others.

Social work is a multi-disciplinary and specialised field which focuses on applying the most efficient tools in improving the well-being and the quality of life of certain groups such as children, youths or minorities. Ask your burning questions. Childhood and Youth Short Course Caring for People with Dementia This module has been designed to enable health and social workers to extend their knowledge and to enhance their understanding of the nature of dementia.

Free Diploma in Social Work Studies | ALISON

Geographical information systems and science. Be eligible for certification. International tuition fees are displayed. Social Sciences Short Course Making Social Worlds In order to survive, human beings live in social worlds which create security, foster stable attachment between individuals and things, and regulate behaviour.