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Such a situation can raise the standard of living of thepopulation and maximize social are the important uses and limitation of microeconomics? MRTS measures the rate of reduction in onefactor for an additional unit of another factor in combination for producingthe same quantity of output. A group is a cluster of firms producing very related butdifferentiated products.

Do My Homework for Me. Our assignment team delivers the work long before deadline, so you can proofread before submitting. Organizational Behavior Case Studies. To explain the allocationof resources, microeconomics seeks to explain the pricing theory explains how the price of a particular commodity is determinedin the commodity market. Which firm is likely to blink first?

Such decisions may pertain to the nature of the product to beproduced, the quantity, quality, cost, price and its distribution, planning anddiversification of business, renewal of worn out equipments and machinery,modernization, etc.

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It provides a method or atechnique of thinking, which enables its possessor to draw correctconclusions.