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AMY CAGLE, Co-Founder and VP Global Business Development Day One Response Inc. Participation in a Civil War battle reenactment, with interpretive essays explaining the significance of the battle in the military and political outcome of the Civil War. Students should follow the guidlines of A Handbook for Graduate Theses and Capstone Projects as published by the Ashland University Graduate School unless otherwise directed by your advisor or the instructions in this website.

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It often helps to have a pre-existing relationship with the client, perhaps through earlier internships or through the summer experience. The advisor should be a faculty member in the MAHG program; the second reader need not be. A more academically and intellectually challenging senior year, filled with demanding but stimulating learning experiences such as a capstone project, the reasoning goes, can reduce senior-year learning loss , keep students in school longer or otherwise engaged in learning , and increase preparation for college and work.

Demonstrating learning and proficiency. The chair will judge the proposal on its academic merits, while the director will verify that the student is in academic and financial good standing with the university and the program. If the Research Methods instructor does not judge that the paper qualifies the student for the thesis, the student may request that another MAHG instructor read the paper. Template for a Capstone Project proposal. They allow a student to demonstrate mastery of both a specific topic and the relation of this topic to the broader subject of American history and government.

Thesis and Capstone Projects. Our Courses Our Faculty Our Programs Our Students Which Program is Right for Me? Completing the Thesis or Capstone Project.

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While similar in some ways to a college thesis, capstone projects may take a wide variety of forms, but most are long-term investigative projects that culminate in a final product, presentation, or performance. It is suggested that you acquire a copy of a recent edition of the Turabian manual or other style guide at the start of the research process. The editors of the Glossary of Education Reform welcome your comments and suggestions.

The advisor should be a faculty member in the MAHG program; the second reader need not be. Programs MA in American History and Government MAHG Academic Policies. Students may also become role models for younger students, which can cultivate leadership abilities and have positive cultural effects within a school.