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If there is one thing that you should know about me, it is that although my personality is splotched with hundreds of shades, akin to a Jackson Pollock painting, you can most certain... Last Sunday I realized, again and more fully than ever, why I want to immerse myself in engineering. Feel your bone cracking, your sinew twisting, your nerves splitting.

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The sweet smell of cinnamon resonated through the house. In this world of flavorful foods and people, the delectable allure of Johns Hopkins University entices the palate of my mind. My experiences also helped me see that the essence of engineering lies in serving social needs.

As I leaned over the open drawer brimming with origami pieces in a multitude of sizes and colors, I felt a rush of satisfaction and triumph. When I was fourteen, I watched a real-life Q demonstrate ethical hacking at a presentation hosted by my...

I was a sophomore — a year notorious for being easier than the rest at my... Yet, the rigors of the class compelled me to expand my thinking and learn.

Is the ACT easier than the SAT? I wanted to become a board-certified behavior analyst.

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Through these anecdotes, we got a better idea of the kind of scholar she is outside the classroom—something not found anywhere else in the application. Such interests expanded into a heart-warming hobby that rejuvenates my stressful days, improves upon even my happiest moments, and brings joy to the people around me.

I wait as she feebly attempts to p... To accomplish this, your essays will need to be creative, thoughtful, and compelling. My middle name is "Reddy.