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English Department Policy for First-Year Students who have College Work. You can sort by the institution through which you will be taking the course or the course at Ohio State for which you want to earn credit.

College Coursework in High School | COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

Here are tips to help you plan for educational experiences that best fit with a future degree in engineering. Yes, as an engineering student, you will be writing. For example, choose a history, a social science, a literature, etc. Please do not submit the information below if you have not met all criteria listed above. Engineering builds off the foundational disciplines of math and science. Serving Humanity Through the Pursuit of Knowledge. We hope this helps with your planning during your high school years.

If not, you can request your official transcript be sent to this address:.

First Year Students with Prior College Coursework | University Registrar | Wake Forest University

The General Education is the part of your degree that provides the breadth to your college education. Math Department Policy for First-Year Students who have College Work. If you listed Ohio State, then the scores will automatically be sent over the summer, around July. Offerings vary from school to school. No credit is awarded for courses taken at a community or junior college. Forms and Advising Materials. Ohio State nav bar. For example, a student needs to master the content in general chemistry before moving on to organic chemistry.

Try to avoid courses in which you will only receive general, special, or technical credit.