The crucible character analysis essay

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The unfounded accusations that Joseph McCarthy and the girls in The Crucible make are what fuels the widespread hysteria in both situations.... Her motivation for lying is obvious; she needs to cover up her own.

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Three, Deputy Governor Danforth. This is particularly true of people who. Abigail loves John Proctor even though he is already married and has a strong desire for him....

Both the McCarthy Era and the Salem Witch Trials display the danger of collective hysteria, the speed of rumors, and the inability of accusers to stop the accusations once they have started....

Free Crucible Abigail Williams Essays and Papers

The most obvious one was his reputation. She is an orphan; made so by brutal natives who killed her parents before her very eyes.

Three characters are impelled by their pride. Search Our Free Directory. This is a reference to hell and the heat that it contains, as well as the pressure there is about not going there or being sent there for your sins. While being controlled over fear, you may come to realize that you are being manipulated to the possibilities of a threatened punishment and may also be mislead by lies. This relationship results in her being dismissed from her job as a servant and it explains why Abigail targets Elizabeth Proctor later on in the play....