Review of literature on ratio analysis

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Academic publishing , Original research , Primary source.. Financial ratio plays an important role to check the condition of any bank or company either is in profit or loss. Ratios helped management to act more logically and made financial decision on more knowledge and less risky. The analysis of financial statement is a study of establishing meaningful relationship between various financial facts and figure given in financial statement.

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Name Index No Programme. Help Centre - FAQs. Despite these developments ratio analysis has been used for analysis in this period and those felt the need of using ratio analysis only used current ratio. REVIEW : DOES HOMEWORK INCREASE STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT? Job analysis is the process of obtaining information about jobs i. There was rapid expansion of financial knowledge in nineteenth century and to study this rapidly expanding knowledge analyst first compared similar items then moved further and compared current assets and liabilities as well with other ratios.

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Ratio analysis and types of ratios. The Goals of a Literature Review. Is there a positive effect? The purpose model was not mature but inspired others to start working on this theory. Name Index No Programme. Academic publishing , Critical thinking , Library.. It has nine domestic subsidiaries and three overseas subsidiaries.

Part of All Answers Ltd. In other words, it retrospectively undertakes a critical analysis of the pros and cons of existing important studies and research and shows which issues require new or further study how the body of knowledge could be improved.

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