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Cause Claim : What is the Cause? That means you need to know what the artist was trying to do at that particular point in time, and how the audience reacted.

Photo Analysis - Example

Form can contribute to making an image seem more real, and also to add importance to a part of the picture. Selling: Does the claim move into a sales pitch? How does this contribute to meaning? What sort of image will you be analyzing for your Visual Analysis Paper? Appeals: How does it appeal to the audience to believe the claims?

Here are some typical ways to analyze images for meaning:. I probably need to add a link to my ariticle about organizing essays: I also have tips on structure in most of my articles on types of essays like Argument, Problem Solution or Cause.

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Story: What story does this image convey? Analyzing the meaning of the image for the artist and his or her time. Does the artist use light or dark to highlight the focal point? Thesis: Your thesis will tell the meaning of this image see Analyzing the Meaning of the Image.

Stereotypes : how does image support stereotypes or challenge them? For a simple introduction of the principles of design see the website of artist John Elements of Design Analyzing Meaning of Visual Images Although Visual Analysis Essays often focus a lot on the details of describing the image, you will also need a thesis which tells what the images mean.

Analyzing the Meaning of Visual Images All images project ideas or claims. How visual lines draw your attention to or away from the focal point. The relationship of sizes inside the piece of art, for example the size of one building to another, or a head to the body. Principle Symmetrical balance means things on both sides are even, asymmetrical balance means that the design is weighted on one side, radical balance means things are organized around a center point.

Advertisements generally make these claims openly and even tell you the claim in the text.