How to write a case study analysis paper

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If prior to your conclusion, you have not yet explained the significance of your findings or if you are proceeding inductively, use the conclusion of your paper to describe your main points and explain their significance. Writing a Field Report.

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Rather, you must observe as a. Multiple Book Review Essay. Literature Review The literature review for a case study research paper is generally structured the same as it is for any college-level research paper. It often is found especially.

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Original content analysis, co. No study in the social sciences is so novel or possesses such a restricted focus that it has absolutely no relation to previously published research. Student research paper resume sample resume for me. If you do not, your reader may question the validity of your entire analysis, particularly if you failed to document an obvious outcome from your case study research. Conclusion As with any research paper, you should summarize your conclusion in clear, simple language; emphasize how the findings from your case study differs from or supports prior research and why.

Failure to Extrapolate All Possible Implications. No case is going to reveal all that needs to be understood about a research problem.

As with any research paper, your introduction should serve as a roadmap for your readers to ascertain the scope and purpose of your study.

What assumptions are being made by those involved in the case? Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Writing a Case Study. Method In this section, you explain why you selected a particular subject of analysis to study and the strategy you used to identify and ultimately decide that your case was appropriate in addressing the research problem.